Autumn colours at work.

Going out from the office on Friday I was welcomed by the best kind of Polish autumn: 23 degrees, sun and a firework of red, yellow and orange.


Lovely concrete

Photo from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Over the last 50 years concrete seems to be a material that the French embraced wholeheartedly. And steel. Some more impressions from a recent trip to France can be found here.


Signs of spring

With the vernal equinox spring came to Poland. We've had a couple of days with 18 °C now, and although it will be a little colder now, one can really feel spring in the air. The signs of spring are everywhere. Above, the most typical messenger of the Polish spring - the storks are back. We spent the weekend in the country side so I had some opportunity to take some springy photos.
The son is looking for frogs in the grass.
There are plenty of frogs now.
The farmers have busy times. The son if fascinated by all the tractors driving about. The neighbour let Max sit in his old Ursus. Although this is the newest of his three tractors.
A bonus stork picture. I'm a bit annoyed that I left my longer lens at home. This is cropped almost at 100% taken at 105mm with the EF 24-105 L-lens.


Jupiter above the crowd

There was a light festival at Wilanów Royal Palace this weekend. Tons of people visited to see the palace illuminated by a fine light show to music. I wonder how many noticed Jupiter watching just above the show?


Weeping gold

Now that autumn firmly is here and the leaves are beautifully colourful I can't resist to add a photo of the famous "golden Polish autumn". This is in a small park not far from home where plenty of weeping willows stand in a row and form a golden curtain in the fall.


Music evening

In the evening people gathered at the square in the old town to listen to an orchestra playing. Some more of my images from Mexico can be found here.


Welcome to the dentist

I love this long narrow path to the dental lab in the end. The cross on the wall is a bit foreboding...
I happened to come across this place when just walking randomly around in the old town. Just this random walking is one of my favourite ways of exploring new places. You never know what you will get to see.


Mexican colours

Was in Santiago de Querétaro for a conference earlier this fall so there will be some photos from there posted here.
We were there just before Mexico celebrates independece day on Sept 16. For the whole week before the city was completely draped in the national colours, with flags, banners, dresses, hats and trinkets all in green, white and red.



The U-Bahn station Westbahnhof in Vienna. The walls are bright orange, and quite ugly. As an experiment I decided to strip the image to the bare essentials - only black and white. No grey-scales.
A few more of my photos of Vienna can be found in this gallery.



A couple of years worth of carbon nanotube modified ITO electrodes that I've used in my research. I am not allowed to throw them away, but since they are not reusable there is not really any need to store them in a space wasting sorted manner. Thus, a carton full of electrodes.